Review policy

If you contact me about reviewing your book, then you are agreeing to an honest review. If I feel that you will bully me into writing a review to your liking, then I will not review your work.

If I feel that I am not the reviewer for your work, I will let you know and offer to reach out to some of my fellow reviewers. It would then be up to you to discuss their policies.

If you have a specific timeframe that you would like your work reviewed in, please let me know before I agree to do a review. That way I can make sure I am able to get your review done in a timely fashion.

At this time I do not accept requests for self help books, books focused on religion, or works of poetry.

Once you contact me, I will ask if you have read my review policy and if you agree to all of it. If you do, then we will proceed. If you do not agree, I will not be able to review your work.

*Disclaimer-I do not read ebooks and I will not purchase a physical copy of your book in order to review it.

Rating system:

I have decided to incorporate my love for Golden Girls into my rating system. It is as follows:

4 Girls= 5 Stars

3 Girls= 4 Stars

2 Girls= 3 Stars

1 Girl= 1-2 Stars

No Girls= 😬