The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

I saw that most of the reviews stated that this was “just another slave narrative” and I’d have to disagree. This really wasn’t a narrative. Yes, Cora was the main character but there were other aspects of the story provided by the other characters. The slave catcher and the Lumbly’s provided the reader insight on how this part of history affected everyone. Slave catchers weren’t always bred to become slave catchers. Poverty will make a person accept any job in order to get money to survive. The Lumbly’s marriage was not one that was between two abolishionists. It was between a man and wife who had 2 separate views on the particular subject. Ethel may not have been outright prejudice but her prejudice was more menacing because it was undercover. Poor Martin was just trying to do what was right because of his father. My favorite chapter was of Cora’s mother. Throughout the book, the feelings towards her are negative until you get her side of the story. Overall, my opinion is that Colson took a story we all know well enough and put a different spin on it. It is much appreciated.

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