Lost and Found

Lost and Found

I just finished a book by pastor T.D Jakes’s daughter. On my new journey to becoming a better christian, it was definitely a plus that I read it. Too many times you find yourself wondering if God is really there, or if you are even worthy enough of His grace. It was good to read a story like hers. No matter what you do or go thru, you are not alone and yes you ARE worthy of his grace regardless of what people say or think about you. You are never going thru anything by yourself. God is always there even if you can’t or won’t acknowledge Him. Sometimes when you think you are running from Him, what you are actually doing is running right to Him without even realizing it. He is the greatest parent of all. It is never too late to seek Him and you are never too broken for Him to fix. These are things I know I will need to remember on my journey. It will jot be easy because something this good never is. But it will become easier the more I let my faith in Him grow. I will definitely have to purchase a copy of this book to add to my library because there were a few points I wanted to highlight so that I could reference them later. I am very glad that I decided to get this book from the library.

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