Reading books versus reading on social media

Lately I’ve found myself buying more books but reading less of them because I am constantly reading smut on social media. Who’s been offended by whom, what the latest “crisis” is that I should be upset about. Out of the 200+ plus “friends” that I have on Facebook, only about 5 of them post things that stimulate the sensors in my mind which other wise lay dormant while reading other posts. I have one friend, or maybe just a really good associate who goes incognito from time to time and I never really understood why until recently. I have decided that the amount of time I spend on social media I can use reading books and stimulating my mind. I can even spend time on this blogging venture. Reading books opens parts of my mind and even my soul that leave me wanting more. There is no better feeling than wanting to learn more and venturing out to do so.

Social media just doesn’t do it for me. I find myself wanting to take red pens to most of the statuses that I read and see on a daily basis. In fact, the other might I corrected my own family member after they stated their life has made a 360 and people were congratulating them on this. I was very appalled and I had to correct them. I nicely put “its 180, not 360.” Of course they liked my comment but I wonder if they really understood what I meant.

Reading is fundamental and it is the foundation to all other subjects. Reading and comprehending what you read can be life changing. It will open doors that you didn’t even realize existed. You can find a book on just about any subject there is. Reading books is also entertaining, even more so than social media.

With all this being said, I think that I too will take a break from social media once my son’s football season is over and dive into the many books I have on my reading list and try to make time to share my thoughts and feelings on them.

Happy reading, folks!

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